I Know, I Know. Where Have I Been?

Hello, friends and foes! It’s been a while. Let’s talk about it.

Sometimes, real life gets in the way of the things we love to do. I love reading books and writing reviews, researching spooky historical figures and folklore, and talking about pop culture, horror or otherwise. Contrary to my wishes, I do have a real life outside of my beloved blog and social media sphere, and it has been such a struggle to feel creative while juggling life’s pressures. All that being said, I’m settled in my new home (I bought a house. I guess they just let anybody do that these days!) and I’m ready to do the things I love again. That means reading, writing, and the blog!

Some housekeeping items: I’m going to deactivate the Little Book Blog of Horrors Twitter account. Dry your tears! You can still find me at @AllisonKrebel. Head over there for blog updates and general writing and book related tweets. I guess there was only one housekeeping item.

There will be a fun new post tomorrow about horror movies, and early next week I’ll be back at it with another book review. It feels so good to be back. Even if no one’s listening. And to those that are… hi.

And, as always, reader beware, you’re in for a scare! Or, not. Trick-or-treat, after all.

xo Allison

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Meet Me!

Hello, friends and foes!

As you can see, I’ve finally started my book blog. This is something I’ve been considering for a few months but was too nervous to go through with. Nervous about what? Nervous about putting myself out there when I’ve been a fool on Twitter for over a year now? Nervous to talk about books when that’s almost 100% of my personality already? Nervous about over-analyzing the things I enjoy? Probably all of the above. That being said, I figured I would start it anyway because, as BeyoncĂ© once said, “Nervous is good. Nervous means you care.”

Anyway, anyway, anyway. Let’s talk about me.

My name is Allison and I live in gloomy, small-town New England. I’m an aspiring author (currently in the querying trenches, cross your fingers for me), I have a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and a black cat named Sabrina. I’ve always had an affinity for the spooky, superstitious, and supernatural. It could be from having a near-Halloween birthday. It could be from staying up too late reading Goosebumps as a kid. It could be from having cable and unlimited access to horror movies not meant for my little-kid eyes and ears (lookin’ at you, Chiller TV). In any case, I’m an adult now and I can consume scary media any time I want. Even if I have to sleep with the lights on every now and then.

I’m hoping to use this blog as a platform to review and discuss horror books, poetry, films, and more. I’ll post every Friday and on the occasional Monday, as a treat. I’ll even let you (or, those of you on Twitter) choose what I read and write about sometimes. Because I value your input, and I might run out of ideas. If you have any burning questions or suggestions, let me know in the comments below.

Reader beware, you’re in for a scare! Or not. Trick-or-treat, after all.

xo Allison

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