Conner Lee: Halloween Showcase

Micro-horror in a winter wonderland…


Craig shoveled the last of the snow off the driveway and ran a hand across his forehead. Despite the bitter cold, the effort to clear the twenty yards between the garage and the street was enough to make him sweat. He looked back at the house and reflected on his work. Perfect, he thought, we’ll be able to get out easily when she goes into labor.

He picked up the snow shovel and started back up the driveway when he noticed a peculiar trail of footprints leading through the snow from the woods to the front of the house. He rolled his eyes. Guess the local teens are playing a prank on the new neighbors, he thought.

They’d been warned by a dozen locals about the Weeping Widow. Twenty years ago, a lunatic had broken into this very house and attacked a pregnant woman who was home by herself. The attacker apparently cut the woman’s baby out of her womb in the kitchen and ran off into the night. The woman dragged her bleeding body out of the house after her assailant and died in the woods not far from the house. The house had been vacant ever since. Supposedly she still haunted the woods to this very day, crying and wailing in the dead of night for her stolen child.

“Haunted woods” aside, the property was a steal. Four bedrooms, three bathrooms, with an acre of land to spread out on. Perfect for their growing family. Now if the kids around here would just leave us alone, Craig thought. The footprints led all the way to the front porch. They better be long gone by the time I get there. For their sake.

Then there was a scream.


The snow shovel clattered to the ground as he ran up the slippery driveway, stumbling onto the porch and through the front door. He failed to notice the watery footprints leading up the stairs as he scrambled to the second floor.

He threw open the bedroom door. He fell to his knees, the end of a severed umbilical cord reaching toward the open doorway. A shriek rang out from the woods.

The Weeping Widow had taken a child for herself.

More About Conner

Conner Lee is a Colorado native who has always had a passion for storytelling of any medium. While he’s written stories his entire life, it wasn’t until his final year of college studying Music Education that he realized his love of crafting meaningful stories. Since then, he’s spent countless hours and any spare energy creating dynamic characters and writing stories with purpose. When he isn’t working full-time in the craft beer industry, Conner spends his time writing, playing video games, and spending time with his wife and four children.

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